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Clear Counsel On Child Custody And Support: Critical Issues In Your Family

Child custody is an area of family law that nearly always involves disagreement between parents or other involved parties. Disruption in a parent-child relationship can be painful. Nearly all parents approaching a divorce or separation want to maximize the time their children will spend with them. Whether a parent will pay or receive child support, ensuring a fair and correct amount is a vital concern. Domestic relations and financial concerns go hand-in-hand.

Whatever Your Family’s Legal Situation, The CPR Law Firm Can Breathe Fresh Air Into It

Your child-related legal matters are unique to your family’s circumstances. You may be approaching a divorce that will include child custody and support orders. You need to resolve child custody and child support in a situation not including a divorce. You may be an unmarried parent or a grandparent seeking custody or visitation with a grandchild. You may already be divorced and seek a modification to a court order. You may need help enforcing a child custody or child custody order when the other parent is not cooperating.

In any of these or similar situations, a caring, accessible family law attorney can be of great help. I am Christopher P. Rodriguez, an experienced and passionate lawyer in Floresville, Texas. I serve clients throughout the San Antonio area with dedication. I am equipped to help you understand, negotiate and obtain court orders in your child’s best interests. My goal is to inspire or revive your sense of hope. The CPR Law Firm can help you discover workable solutions in your child custody and child support case.

Diligent Preparation May Include Consultations With Professionals

To strengthen your position in your child custody and child support case, I may bring in a child psychologist or other professionals. Appropriate experts can advise you. They can issue opinions judges will pay attention to. Their advice can explain how to support your child’s psychological well-being and educational or social advantages.

Your Child’s Growing Up Happens Just Once — Get The Right Insights And Representation

I am on your side — and on your child’s side — in your Texas child custody and child support case. Call 210-421-1997 or send an email inquiry to schedule a consultation at your convenience.

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