Resolve Your Divorce In Your Best Interests

Divorce is never in the plans at the time of marriage. However, it is a reality many people face when marital problems become too difficult to overcome. Whether you have been married a few months, a few years or many years, divorce is a legal event to approach with care. I am Christopher P. Rodriguez, an experienced family law attorney in Floresville. I am prepared to guide you through the legal aspects of your divorce with a strong emphasis on protecting your rights.

My Goal As Your Divorce Lawyer Will Be To See You Get To The Other Side Well-Prepared For Your Future

Emotions may cloud your judgment as you approach your divorce. Naturally, you want to get on with your life as soon as you can. At the same time, you want to preserve your fair share of the marital property, too. You may expect to pay or receive spousal support and if so, you want to make sure the amount and terms of your court order are fair. I am here to advocate for you, as well as inform you so you will know what to expect as your Texas divorce progresses toward its conclusion.

Depending on many factors — such as how cooperative your spouse is — you may conclude your divorce through one of these processes:

  • Settlement negotiations
  • A collaborative approach
  • Mediation
  • Litigation

It is usually best to reach a divorce settlement out of court. A family law judge can then review the agreement and issue the final decree. Whether through negotiations or mediation, an out-of-court settlement keeps family matters private. A collaborative approach can save you and your wife or husband large dollar amounts of legal fees you may incur if you do battle in a courtroom. Sometimes a divorce is contentious for reasons you cannot avoid. Even when you try to persuade your spouse to settle reasonably in negotiations or mediation, his or her lawyer may decide to play hardball. Rest assured that I am a zealous advocate for my family law clients. You can often find me in court arguing cases before a judge.

What Needs To Be Settled Before Your Final Divorce Decree Is A Reality

Every divorce involves division of property. If I am your attorney, I will fight for your right to an equitable share of the community estate (marital estate). You and your spouse may need to divide debts, too. When one spouse has been financially dependent in a marriage, spousal support (alimony) may be part of your divorce decree. If you and your spouse share minor children, I will help you understand and negotiate a child custody, visitation rights and child support arrangement in your children’s best interests.

What If You And Your Spouse Agree On (Almost) Everything?

Many clients of The CPR Law Firm seek help completing low-cost uncontested divorces. I am prepared to help you if you and your spouse do not want to fight and just want to resolve your divorce quickly and affordably. Be aware, however, that divorces can start out amicable and turn contentious in a hurry. If I am your Texas divorce lawyer, I will help you find the right resolution to end your marriage cost-effectively and sensibly.

I Am Here To Advise You And Guide You Through An Uncontested Or Contested Divorce

Past clients of The CPR Law Firm have discovered that I am personable, I care and I am well-prepared. I invite you to determine for yourself whether I am the right attorney to represent you in your divorce in Texas. Call 210-421-1997 or complete the intake form on this website to request a consultation about the dissolution of your marriage.

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