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Why You Need An Estate Plan Now

Especially if you are young and healthy, you may consider estate planning to be an irrelevant topic in your life. You may find it easy to postpone talking to an attorney about the estate planning documents your family will need if something happens to you. However, please realize that a will can make all the difference for your family in a time of grief. I am estate lawyer Christopher P. Rodriguez in Floresville, near San Antonio, Texas, and I have valuable insights to share with you about the most fundamental estate planning document: your will.

Without a will:

  • Texas laws will determine how your assets are distributed.
  • Your next-of-kin may face costly delays in gaining access to your bank accounts to cover final expenses and managing other assets such as your home and personal property.
  • If you have minor children, you will have no say in who serves as a guardian for them. A judge without detailed knowledge of your family may make this decision.

With a will, however:

  • Your wishes will be clearly expressed in a legally binding form that must be honored in most cases.
  • The process of settling your estate will be much less burdensome for your family.
  • If you are a parent, your will can indicate your choice of a guardian for your children. While this selection is not a guarantee, it will carry significant weight if a judge must approve or deny guardianship.

Naturally, you and your family hope you live a long, healthy and rewarding life. It’s nice to think of the need for a will and other estate planning documents as being a “far-off, someday” kind of thing. But each of us is just one breath away from an unexpected end of life. If you are an adult with assets and dependents such as a spouse, children or aging parents who depend on you, you should have a will and ideally, other estate planning documents. An estate plan facilitates a smooth probate process.

Get A $500 Basic Estate Plan: A Special Offer From The CPR Law Firm

A basic estate plan does not need to be expensive. You may decide to add to it later, but you can get the basics in place now. I do not want any potential client to miss out on the protection that a basic estate plan can offer. For just $500, I can prepare the following for you:

  • A simple will
  • A power of attorney (to allow family to take care of your affairs if you are incapacitated)
  • A medical directive (to instruct doctors on what kind of care you do or do not want if you are unable to speak for yourself)

I invite you to make an appointment at your earliest convenience to discuss your options. I will gather information, draft your documents and lead you through the process of signing them correctly.

If You Want More Than A Basic Estate Plan

Depending on your assets and intentions, you may want or need a more complex set of estate planning documents. You may choose to create a more complex will, including a revocable living trust, a special needs trust or a spendthrift trust. I am available to help you determine what will suit your needs. Call 210-421-1997 or send an email inquiry to get the dialogue underway.

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