Reassuring Legal Guidance Through The Probate Process

The passing of a family member or friend can be a turbulent and emotional event. Accompanying your grieving is probably a flood of worrisome thoughts. Is there a Will? What do I do if there isn’t a Will? How do I handle the mortgage company and upcoming bills? How do I recieve access to bank accounts to pay upcoming bills? Will the creditors talk to me?
There are many practical and legal matters to consider. When the person who died left a well-structured estate plan, beneficiaries can move forward with minimal burdens to work out. Often, however, there are omissions or questions to resolve such as:

  • If there was no will, court action will be necessary to appoint an administrator to settle the estate.
  • If there was a will, you may need to probate the will and appoint an executor to settle the estate.
  • If minor children survive, a guardianship may be necessary.

If there is a will, the designated personal representative (executor or executrix) will be responsible for taking the will through probate.

  • If there is a trust, the trustee will likely need guidance to administer the trust correctly.

These are a few examples of situations such as the one you find yourself in after the passing of a loved one. I am probate lawyer Christopher P. Rodriguez in Floresville, Texas serving the greater Wilson County area.  I understand you may feel overwhelmed by all the challenges and tasks ahead of you after you have lost a family member. Or you may be responsible for administering the estate of a close friend or a member of your church. Whatever the circumstances, I am ready to guide you efficiently and sensitively through the legal challenges.

My Floresville Law Firm Can Help You Move Through The Probate Process

I’m here to help you settle your loved one’s estate in Texas. I often help my clients solve practical problems related to estate administration. Do not let fear stop you from working with an attorney. I can help you through probate and property transfer matters accurately and efficiently. The CPR Law Firm can help you respond appropriately to creditors, beneficiaries and others with interests in the estate.

In Case Of Complications, Let Me Help You Sort Out The Details

Perhaps there was a will but you did not take it through probate in time and the statute of limitations has expired. Perhaps there are two wills and you don’t know which one should apply. Perhaps there is a will but someone in the family challenges its validity. I can help you take the necessary action to respond to a will contest. Perhaps you are the one planning to bring a will contest when you suspect fraud or undue influence has resulted in a will that does not reflect your loved one’s wishes.

Turn To A Probate Lawyer You Can Trust

I sincerely care about my clients and I am interested in helping you complete the probate process after the death of your loved one. Call 210-421-1997 or send an email message through this website. Schedule a consultation at your convenience.

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